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Rob finishes his season 3 of deep dives into each Star Wars film with Solo, a movie that read very differently to him in 2020 than it did originally. The post 27. Solo...

Rogue One

Rob continues his season 3 of deep dives into each Star Wars film by looking at Rogue One, the original proof of concept for standalone Star Wars stories.

The Rise of the Skywalker

I feel like this Skywalker exposes too much skin when I bend over. Got one with more rise?

The Last Jedi

Sorry, you can’t return that Jedi. It was our last one.

The Force Awakens

…then the Force hit the snooze button and slept for nine more minutes.

Revenge of the Sith

Sith. Siththththth. It’s like the most evil-sounding made-up word ever.

Attack of the Clones

Now, the thing about clones is, if you provoke ‘em, you’re in trouble. The post 21. Attack of the Clones appeared first on Chipperish Media.

The Phantom Menace

Man, those phantoms sure are menacing. I hope they turn out not be a big deal.

Return of the Jedi

This Jedi doesn’t fit. Can I return it?

The Empire Strikes Back

If the Empire Strikes twice more after this, they’re out. The post 18. The Empire Strikes Back appeared first on Chipperish Media.

A New Hope

Trade in your old hope for a shiny New Hope! Season 3 has Rob going one-by-one through the numbered episodes, looking at metaphors and throughlines in each film. The p...

Indiana Jones and the Updated Trilogy

A non-Star Wars episode about Rob’s longstanding theory concerning the nature and purpose of Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


Does Star Wars say about about war as a concept? The post #15. War appeared first on Chipperish Media.


Space. Why'd it have to be space?

Bow Chicka Pew-Pew!

Sex and gender in the Star Wars galaxy. The post #13. Bow Chicka Pew-Pew! appeared first on Chipperish Media.

Lightsaber? I Hardly Knew Her!

What is so satisfying about a sword made of laser? The post #12. Lightsaber? I Hardly Knew Her! appeared first on Chipperish Media.

They Fired the Canon

Star Wars canon is incredibly slippery, and has been a shifting landscape since literally the first movie. What does it mean that Disney eradicated most of it when the...

Ship Names Other Than “Reylo”

What would you name a spaceship if you had one, and what does that say about you? Obviously I have no idea, but here’s a discussion of some ship names from Star Wars.

Why Do Blenders Have Feelings?

They can talk, translate, and navigate through space, but they’re still second class. What exactly is the place of droids in the Star Wars galaxy? The post #9. Why Do ...

Irresistible Forces

How did we get to episode eight without talking about the Force? Time to fix that. The post Metaphors #8. Irresistible Forces appeared first on Chipperish Media.

Who Are You Again?

Turns out identity issues are a major theme in Star Wars. This whole discussion comes from Rob really liking a particular moment in an episode of Rebels.

Hands Off!

Did you ever really *look* at Luke’s hand?

Nature vs. Technology

Everyone knows about the struggle of good and evil in Star Wars, but there’s another huge conflict happening alongside it: nature and technology.

A New Trope

In response to the previous episode, this discussion will be about the politics that are likely not intentional but nevertheless are present in Lucas’s Star Wars movie.

Social Justice Star Warriors

Like all art in the history of humanity, Star Wars is political. Here’s a look at some of the intentional politics of Lucas’s original six movies. The post Metaphors #...

Black and White, etc.

Star Wars is pretty colorful, except when it’s totally black and white. We’ll talk about what it means that different original-trilogy characters are associated with d...

Star Wars on Star Wars

In a twist, it turns out that Star Wars can be a metaphor for Star Wars (all right, this episode is about intertextuality, but that doesn’t sound as cool). The post Me...


Star Wars aficionado Rob Heiret introduces himself, and the idea behind Metaphors Be With You. The post Metaphors Be With You #0. Introduction appeared first on Chippe...

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